CEU eTD Collection (2020); McPhaul-Guerrier, Gabrielle Alyte: Crisis, disaster, and dystopia in environmentalist narratives

CEU Electronic Theses and Dissertations, 2020
Author McPhaul-Guerrier, Gabrielle Alyte
Title Crisis, disaster, and dystopia in environmentalist narratives
Summary This thesis explores what messages the three narrative elements of crisis, disaster, and dystopia convey in the film Snowpiercer (2013), and then seeks to evaluate how those messages were understood by audiences. The analysis was conducted based off of the assumption that environmentalists construct social issues out of ecological theories. In order to evaluate the messages conveyed by the aforementioned narrative elements this thesis draws on theories from different branches of the environmental humanities. It incorporates an element of empirical ecocriticism in its attempt to understand audience reactions. Focus groups were used as a tool for evaluating audience reactions. The results of the analysis of the film and the focus group results suggest that these elements are useful in conveying environmentalist messages in that focus group participants were successfully able to identify environmental concerns connected to each of these messages and draw conclusions about how they related to issues in the real world.
Supervisor Watt, Alan
Department Environment Sciences and Policy MSc
Full texthttps://www.etd.ceu.edu/2020/mcphaul_gabrielle.pdf

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